Tanning Tips

We want you to get the best and most natural looking Tan, so we have put together some 'Tanning Tips' which will get your Tan looking its best! 

1) Always Exfoliate & Shave 24 hours before Tanning
2) Do NOT apply thick moisturiser or deodorant 
3) Apply a light moisturiser to dry skin (such as elbows, knees & heels) 
4) Ensure your Tanning Mitt is free of Tan build up, either wash or use a new mitt
5) Shake Tanning Mousse before use 
6) Apply your Tan in circular motion ensuring you have covered all areas
7) We recommend using a Brush to apply to Hands, Feet and Face to ensure the perfect coverage (if you do not have a Brush, use mitt with minimal Tan & build up ensuring you blend) 
8) Allow for your Tan to completely dry before dressing
9) Wear loose and dark clothing while your Tan develops 
10) Wash of Guide Colour 6-8 hours after development 
11) Enjoy your Beautifully Bronzed Skin! 

Our Tan usually lasts between 5-7 days, however to keep your Tan looking flawless for longer, ensure you keep your skin moisturised. 

When your Tan is ready to be removed and re-applied, use our Tan Remover to remove your Tan & leave you moisturised. 

Happy Tanning!

Simply You x